Monday, May 18, 2009

Free CachemanXP


CachemanXP is a system service designed to improve the performance of your computer by optimizing several caches, auto-recovering RAM and fine tuning a number of system settings. Auto-Optimization makes it suitable for novice and intermediate users yet it is also powerful and versatile enough for computer experts. Backups of settings ensure that all user modifications can be reversed with a single click. CachemanXP requires Windows NT4/2000/2003 or XP to run, uses minimal resources and virtually no CPU time. The help file includes a screenshot based system performance guide.

CachemanXp copy

Here is an example of a system tweak:

  • Most Windows users know and dread this Automatic Updates dialog.
  • In the middle of your work or entertainment session Windows can display this dialog. Since you want to go on with your work, you click on Restart later.
  • But Windows will not leave you alone. The dialog will reappear every 5 minutes, no matter what. It gets even worse, it will stay on top of all other programs, in some cases even in front of a movie you are watching.
  • If you use CachemanXP to tweak your system, you can prevent this dialog from showing up and restart your system when you are done with your work.
  • The tweak lets you only decide when to restart your system, the updates will still be installed!
  • With two clicks in CachemanXP you can get rid of this dialog for ever.
  • Go to the Tweaks tab.
  • And turn on the Don't show Automatic Updates restart dialog checkbox.
New in version 1.80:
  • Support for Intel Core i7 processors.
  • Vastly improved Auto-Optimize on 64bit editions of Windows 2003 and XP.
  • New hotkeys.
  • Fixed a problem with Power Management of Acer Notebooks.
  • Updated Performance Guide in the Help File.

This tool is the most i recommended to all of you for memory management.. =)

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