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Free Disk Cleaner 4

Free Wise Disk Cleaner 4.25 : Free your PC for temporary files

Wise disk Cleaner

Wise Disk Cleaner 4.25 is a utility that helps you locate and remove these temporary files that over time, will occupied space on your hard disk.

With Wise Disk Cleaner 4.25 you can remove temporary Internet files, Windows updates uninstalled temporary files, user's temporary system files, Windows Update sources files, cookies file, invalid shortcuts and much more..

I recommended this tools to your PC to recover an amount disk space occupied by unimportant temporary files.. =)

Klik here to download..

Free Registry Tool-Wise Registry Cleaner 4


Wise Registry Cleaner 4 scans the Windows registry and finds incorrect or obsolete information in the registration.

By repairing these obsolete information in Windows registry, your system will can work better and faster.

After the stripper wise registration scan your system for problems, you can individually view each of the problems found and call detail. If you wish, you can correct any problems automatically.
All changes to your system are monitored by the stripper wise registration and can be defeated with a few mouse clicks, so you can use to feel good Registry Cleaner relieved Wise Registry Cleaner. Or i can tell this software is cleaning your unused registries and eventually free up your PC memories.

I really recommend this software to you.. =)

Klik here to free download.. =)

Free Antivirus-Rising Antivirus 2008 Free Edition

Nowadays, free antivirus is very easy to get, example : AVG, Avira, BitDefender, Avast, PC Tools Antivirus, local Antivirus and much more.

Lately i found a new antivirus that may be people not commonly to hear, called RISING Antivirus 2008 Free Edition. What feature will this antivirus have?

RISING Antivirus 2008 Free Edition is a kind of new protection from Beijing (China), and in China itself is one of a famous antivirus with many features that can be compared with other famous free antivirus in the world. But it Claim to be trusted 80 million users..=)

The facilities that the antivirus have :

  • Proactive Defence Technology
  • Patented Scanning Technology for Unknown Viruses
  • Patented Fully Automatic SmartUpdate
  • Mail Protection (POP3/SMTP)
  • Smart Virtual Machine with Behaviour and Packing Pattern Recognition
  • Application Protection (RISING unique Account Safe function protects your online bank, online game, MSN, E-mail account, Yahoo Messenger and other private information.)
  • Self Protection
  • Application Access Control
  • Program Startup Control
  • Malicious Behavior Detection
  • Hidden Process Detection
  • Computer Security Check
  • Security Tool Integration Platform

We can see the facilities above is not far from its competitor.

Example : RISING unique Account Safe function protects your online bank, online game, MSN, E-mail account, Yahoo Messenger and other private information.

Same as Avira Antivirus, Rising is using the umbrella icon too, but its color is green.

This Antivirus support 32-bit (x86) dan 64-bit (x64) Windows Vista, Server 2003, Server 2008, XP, 2000, 98, Me dan NT.

Functions and Advantages

1. Zero day protection with Rising Cloud Security
Rising Cloud Security users communicate with the Rising virus lab to form a rapid response
network which quickly catches Trojans and other malware.

2. Antivirus & Antispyware Protection

Protection from Trojans, worms, rootkits and

other malware. With unparalleled expertise in combating malware, Rising offers you actual

protection against today’s cyber threats without putting a strain on your computer’s


3. File Monitor

Automatically detects viruses in active files and prevents them from infecting your


4. Email Monitor

Scans inbound (POP3) and outbound (SMTP) emails for malware.

5. Application Control

Monitor the operational status of applications and block suspicious


6. Malicious Behavior Interceptor

Monitors programs in the system for possible malicious behavior.

7. USB/CD/DVD Monitor

Blocks malware on USB storage media, CDs/DVDs and network drives.

8. Embedded Scan

Provides integrated protection for instant messengers, download managers and other

popular tools.

9. Web Trojan Defense

Automatically blocks malicious web scripts and viruses while you are browsing the web.

10. Self-Protection

Prevents malware from making changes to the Rising Antivirus software.

Here the screenshots :

From the test of The Best Antivirus 2008 , Rising Antivirus is not include in the best rank, but with its free version , we should think about it. Because nowadays its very difficult to have free antivirus with great protection against virus and other malware.. You should try this.. Oh yes i forget to tell you that this antivirus using skin that can be change.. Cool hah.. =)

Click here to download the RISING ANTIVIRUS

Free Antivirus-Kaspersky Anti-Virus 7.0

Kaspersky Anti-Virus screenshot

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 7.0

Is a well known Antivirus in the world. Provides you with traditional anti-virus protection based on the latest protection technologies. You can work, communicate, surf the internet and play online games on your computer safely and easily.

Product Highlights

1. Three protection technologies against new and unknown threats: Hourly automated database updates, Preliminary behavior analysis, On-going behavior analysis. Protection from viruses, Trojans and worms. Protection from spyware and adware. Real-time scanning for email, Internet traffic and files. Protection from viruses when using ICQ and other IM clients. Protection from all types of keyloggers.

2. Version improved detection of all types of rootkits, added rollback of unwanted changes on your computer and self-defense of the antivirus program from being disabled or stopped.

For updating the database there are 2 ways, automatically and manually update. I'm suggested to all of you guys to update it automatically. Because like i said above, Kaspersky updating their database hourly so Kaspersky guaranteed giving the most update virus database. I have experienced using this antivirus so as usual i would like to recommended this Kaspersky Anti Virus For more internet protection, you should use the Kaspersky Internet Security 7. The number one leading Antivirus if i say.. =) Believe me..

Click here to download ..

Here are the link to the Free License ..

Free Antivirus-Eset Smart Security 4

ESET Smart Security for Home Users

ESET Smart Security 4

Eset Smart Securities 4


1. Surfing the web and using email is a part of daily life.

2. Criminals capitalize on this to their advantage, flooding the Internet with over 100,000 new attacks every day, in an effort to steal your identity or turn your computer into a "zombie" to launch email spam and other Internet crimes.

3. Over 70 million users worldwide trust ESET to defend themselves from these attacks.

ESET Smart Security is the most effective protection you can use to combat today's huge volumes of Internet and email threats. It combines ESET's award-winning NOD32® proactive antivirus and antispyware protection with a powerful yet easy–to-use two-way firewall and robust antispam technology.

Using Eset advanced ThreatSense® technology, ESET Smart Security proactively protects your PC from new attacks during the critical first hours when other Antivirus products are not even aware the attack exists.

ESET Smart Security detects and disables both known and unknown viruses, trojans, worms, adware, spyware, rootkits and other Internet threats.

ESET Smart Security is also faster than any other Internet security suite, so fast you won't even notice it running.

It's easy to use yet simple to optimize for your specific needs.

ESET Smart Security is security you can trust - every hour of every day.

Benefits using Eset Smart Security 4 :

a. Protection from the Unknown

Eset award-winning ThreatSense technology uses multiple layers of threat detection to deliver the most effective protection possible against attacks. And ThreatSense is smart; it not only generates far fewer annoying false positive alarms than any other products that use heuristics, but finds malware other antivirus products miss.

b. Built for Speed

ESET Smart Security is lightning fast, so fast you won't even notice it's there. Even disk-intensive operations like performing a "full disk scan" run smoothly in the background while you work.

c. Easy on Your System

ESET Smart Security is "lean and mean," using just 48 MB of memory, a fraction of what other products consume. Because it's fast and "light," upgrading your existing Internet security to ESET Smart Security can literally be like buying a new computer. And laptop users can rejoice in the new automatic energy-sipping battery mode.

d. Easy on You

From its compact and intuitive user interface to its minimal use of alerts, self-training two-way firewall, and other new features, ESET Smart Security is easier to use than ever before.

What's New In Eset Smart Security 4 ?

Smarter Scanner

Threats don't always enter in ways you expect. ESET Smart Security inspects SSL-encrypted communication channels like HTTPS and POP3S, and intelligently scans compressed files to find threats that other products miss. ESET's Smart Optimization feature makes file scanning faster than ever.

Time-saving Firewall

The new Learning Mode saves time by automatically creating firewall rules by observing how you use your computer, while offering advanced firewall modes for power users.

Upgraded Antispam

ESET Smart Security now takes care of annoying spam with a smaller, faster, and even more effective spam filter.

Removable Media Security

Threats can enter your PC from removable media such as USB thumb drives. For self-running media, ESET Smart Security scans autorun.inf and associated files on mount, in addition to scanning any file on any removable device when it is accessed, or during a full-scan of the media. Power users can adjust ESET Smart Security to perform additional levels of scanning on removable media.

System Tools

ESET SysInspector and ESET SysRescue simplify diagnosis and cleaning of infected systems by allowing deep scans of system processes to find hidden threats, and creating bootable rescue CD/DVD or USB drives to help you repair an infected computer.

Self Defense

ESET Smart Security has built-in technology to prevent malicious software from corrupting or disabling it, so you can rest assured your system is always protected.

Usability Improvements

ESET Smart Security has numerous speed, security and usability upgrades.

  • Energy-sipping battery mode extends laptop battery life without compromising security
  • Advanced Protection Status screen informs you of detected threats
  • Information pop-ups are hidden when running full screen applications like games, video players or presentations
  • Password protection prevents ESET Smart Security from being uninstalled by strangers
  • New interface and keyboard shortcuts simplify use for visually impaired users
System Requirements To Install Into Your PC :

Processors supported : Intel or AMD x86/x64
Operating Systems : Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP (32- and 64-bit

editions). Microsoft Windows Vista (32- and 64-bit editions)
Memory : 48 MB
Disk Space (download) : 32 MB
Disk Space (installation): 46 MB

The last word from me is that this Antivirus is the most i recommended to all of you guys..

For fastest scan, reliability and minimal memory usage..Really no kidding, even I use it into my own PC.. =)

Click here to download Eset Smart Security 4

Here addition from me : =)

Please download the free license

Free TuneUp Utilities 2009

TuneUp Utilities 2009 is finally released in English version, after previously only in German Version.

TuneUp Utilities 2009

With new interesting looks and also new features too.

There are a view revision from the earlier version that is Tune Up Utilities 2008.

With TuneUp Utilities 2009 you can :

1. Accelerate PC

2. Fixing error and Registries

3. Changing the windows icon, boot screen, and logon screen looks (Customize Windows)

4. Set up the windows Start Up

5. Tools for uninstall/remove program.

6. Fixing and maximizing internet connection.

The best of this software is it very simple and easy to use. With a few click then your the Operating system is maximizing itself. With Tune Up 1 Click Maintenance function, you can fixing and improve your PC or Notebook system.

The main Feature in TuneUp Utilities 2009 :

  • Increase PC Performance
  • Solve Problems Quickly and Simply
  • Free up disk space
  • Customize Your Windows PC
  • Clean Up Your Windows PC!
  • Easy Optimization Whenever You Start Your Windows PC
  • Useful Additional Tools
  • The complete Windows optimization package

The TuneUp Utilities 2009 new and improved features :

  • TuneUp Drive Defrag: Intelligent defragmentation with new progress display
  • TuneUp System Control: Supports Opera
  • TuneUp Uninstall Manager: Intuitive uninstall options
  • TuneUp Startup Manager: Increases the speed at the start-up of your PC
  • TuneUp Styler: Expanded PC style options for Windows Vista (32/64 Bit)
  • TuneUp Registry Cleaner: More powerful tool with in-depth view of your PC registry

This software is one of the most i recommended to use.

Without any special skill you still can maintain your PC performance.

From the official site TuneUp Utilities 2009 English Version is worth $ 49.95 . But from my website you can get Full Version free.

Klik this link to download.

Klik this link to have the license.

Free WinRAR 3.80 Final - Full Version

WinRAR is one of many software that has many popular functions within data compression. With this software you can compress every kind of files. If you have a meesy files in your PC then you can integrate all of those file with this software and compress it to one file,and will safe more space for your hard drive.

Another feature from this Winrar software is supported all popular format compression ( RAR, ZIP, CAB, ARJ, LZH, ACE, TAR, GZip, UUE, ISO, BZIP2, Z and 7-Zip ) ….

If you have important and confidential folders or files that don’t want any others to open it, then you can password it in that files or folder compression.

So I think every PC should have this software. The software prize is about $29, but for all this blog guest i will give it free of charge.

Click here to download.. =)

Click here to download the free Winrar 3.80. Final crack.

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